How to Delete the History – Browsing and Search History

How to Delete the History – Browsing and Search History
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Welcome to the website with free information to help you delete the history. You will find several help articles and tutorials with explanations and step by step help guides here. They are useful for your computer, smartphone, android, iPad or tablet. It will teach you how to do it easily. There are two categories of tutorials:

  • Browsers: google chrome, Microsoft internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, opera and safari.
  • Other applications: YouTube, Facebook , Skype, google and others that will be added soon.

Google Chrome:It is a Web browser very popular. The main competitor of internet explorer the most popular browser. It is property of google. It has a lot of users.

internet explorer

Internet explorer:It is one of the first web browsers available ever. It is always related to Windows. It is a property of Microsoft. Some security issues have been found but it is improving.

mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox: It is the free software fans favorite web browser. It is one of the most popular software among internet users. There are a lot of features available for it including special plugins. It has also special features for private browsing which are very interesting for our topic.


Opera: A browser property of Apple Company. It works much better on Apple computers though it has full compatibility with other systems.


Safari: It is one of the newest applications. It is very easy to use, simple and very fast. It deserves a try. One of my favorites.


YouTube: It is the Internet’s number one videos page. There are millions of videos available and a lot of them are added every day by millions of users. It is also a property of google.


Facebook: It is the bible of social programs and sites. There a lots of messages and social interactions every day. You may want to clear them.

google search

Google: It is the internet search application number one for users. Nowadays, 90% of internet traffic goes through google organic searches. Bing and Yahoo have the other 10% users. All google searches are stored in google search. You can browse into it and then clear it.


Android: The mobile operating system of google. All searches and browsing activity is stored by default.


Skype: One of the most famous chat applications on the net. All you chat history, conversations and calls are recorded by default on your account.

Mac: Apple systems like MAC also save your internet activity.


While you are surfing on the net, your activity is logged in by default. A part of your web browser or other application stores all the information about your navigation. This is called the history. The stored historical information is based on these parts and components. Learn what is each one and if you want the information to be deleted, you will want to know how to eventually remove it. You will find tutorials about how to do it in the first section of this page.

Clear Cache

The browsers save all the information during a session, which includes, searches, visited pages, passwords and data in forms. It is all saved in your local hard disk as a cache. It helps to get a quicker access on most visited websites by the user. Nevertheless, you may want to remove this information to empty disk space.


When you do a search, the applications and google store each search. This is made to keep a tracking of your behavior. Although it is useful if you do not remember a previous search, it is against the user privacy.

Delete Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored in our computers to remember visited sites. Some websites create these files to keep tracking on us. It helps these sites offer a better user experience, depending on the last user actions. It also helps the user remember for example user and password data for each website. Although this is information is useful sometimes, you may want to remove it as you don’t want these sites to know your personal data. You can learn it in the next article about how to delete cookies. The actions to be performed depend on the browser you are using. We have included some guidelines to help you for the most important ones.

All the components explained above, are stored in our computer. We can easily search into them. To know more about the web stored data click and how to see it in your favorite browsers, you may like this article about what is the web saved data.


All your downloads are also stored. It includes the downloaded file and the link to the file. Deleting this information will prevent others to know what you downloaded.


The browsers by default store the data you fill in the forms. The next time you will not have to fill all your personal data again. Your browsers will write it for you. If you are using a shared computer be careful as others will be able to see your personal data. Clear it using our guides.

Browsing data

All the websites you visit, are stored in the browse data. It is classified by day, month, year and hour. All the visited sites can be deleted with the tutorial that you can find in the beginning of this page.


All this data saved by default can be very useful to optimize user experience, it enables some functionality or for example it helps you when you don’t remember what you have seen just a moment before. However, it is against user privacy especially in public computers. Therefore, most users are interested in remove all their entire activity.


One of the best practices when you surf the web and you don’t want your information to be stored and tracked is to use private mode. Most of the internet web browsers have a private mode session. In the right menu of this page you will find specific information at each of the guides about how to browse in safe and private mode.


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